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Hayley Leviashvili

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When Hayley entered law school at Fordham Law, she knew she did not want to go to BigLaw, yet she found that there were minimal resources to help her find a job placement in any legal field of interest she had.

Initially interested in Entertainment Law, she spent her summer after 1L at Warner Bros., returning to LA where she spent her undergraduate studies as a Presidential Scholar at USC. She then went on to work at Christie’s Auction House during her 2L fall semester, ultimately deciding she wanted to explore more facets of the legal industry to truly understand the industry she wanted to be in. She came across the idea to offer her services to multiple lawyers for a monthly retainer fee and never looked back.

Now, Hayley dedicates herself to helping law students and lawyers connect to complete project-based work, just as she did beginning her 2L spring semester. Lawyers eliminate the hassle of on-boarding legal interns while law students can gain incredible legal experience.

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