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Legal Document Automation Library

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Document Automation DoneYour Way

Learn How

Enroll today in the Cor Meum Academy automation course to become a certified Basic, Bronze, or Gold Level Automator.

Build Templates

Use the (f/k/a Documate) platform to build questionnaires and workflows to reduce your drafting time by 90%!

Connect With A Pro

Outsource automations to a Professional Automator for maximum efficiency. You'll hit peak productivity in record time.

That's It!

Your days just got much easier.

See Our Automation Library!

  • Why reinvent the wheel? We've taken care of formatting questions, creating variables, and constructing workflow logic in Gavel (f/k/a Documate) and Smokeball. Clio, LawYaw, PracticePanther, and Woodpecker are coming soon!

  • Simply add your own legal forms to use as templates, insert the ready-made variables, and you're off and running.

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