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AccessioDocs: A New Alternative to Practice Management

Think about all the ways you spend your time running your practice.

I’m sure you could write up a dozen things or more in a matter of seconds. Whether it’s meeting with a client, drafting a legal document, representing clients in court, negotiating an agreement, conducting research, reviewing a contract, sending an invoice, among other items, you work hard to serve your clients and help your practice grow. And hard work takes time.

Now, think about this: what would you do if you got a third of that time back?

Some office workers spend a third of their time on avoidable tasks. Maybe they’re unnecessary extra steps. Maybe they were helpful at one time, but they don’t add value anymore. Or maybe they could be automated. Regardless of the reason, unnecessary work diverts your time, attention, and energy away from more meaningful work.

Most legal professionals would do well to examine how they spend their time and what processes and technology they have in place. Why? Every minute freed from unnecessary work is another minute available to serve current clients or acquire new ones (which will hopefully lead to a positive impact on your firm’s bottom line).

An attorney can take a myriad of steps to reduce the unnecessary work being performed at their law firm. But in this article, we’re going to focus on one of the big ones: legal document automation.

Working with Documents Can Be Tedious

In a recent survey of small law firms about the legal landscape, over 75% of respondents said that lawyers spent too much time on administrative tasks. (If you’re one of the respondents who do not spend much time on administrative tasks, the rest of us are jealous of you!)

As you’ve probably realized, creating documents can be tedious, repetitive, tedious, repetitive, tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming. (Did we mention repetitive?)

Legal document automation services, like AccessioDocs, can help you automate repeatable processes to allow standard documents or forms to be instantly drafted for you. In other words, automation means:

  • No more generating the same repetitive documents from scratch over and over again,

  • No more relying on the tedious, error-prone methods of copying and pasting, and

  • The ability to generate documents faster and pass them on to your clients quicker, among other benefits.

Consider the time your firm could save by instantly generating intake forms, client communication, operating agreements, wills, pleadings, letters of representation, or any other form document you prepare at your firm repeatedly. Automation can be a gamechanger, especially for small firms that don’t have the time or the budget to hire more staff.

Regardless of your area of practice – whether estate planning, family law, business, real estate, civil, criminal, or anything in-between – a legal document automation service like AccessioDocs could create new efficiencies for your firm and free up more of your time to serve your clients.

Avoid a Steep Learning Curve

Of course, just because a legal document automation software can create efficiencies doesn’t mean it’s easy to use. It’s too easy for the significant amount of time spent configuring and learning complicated software to cancel out months of what would have been time saved down the road by using a service like AccessioDocs.

We designed AccessioDocs differently. It’s not software – it’s a simple, streamlined service that automates your firm’s legal forms. You won’t have to change how you store files or manage cases. Here’s how it works:

  1. Sign up. Choose which one of our three plans best meets your needs.

  2. Automate legal forms. Upload your forms as Word documents. New customers can automate three legal forms for free!

  3. Complete questionnaires. Our support team will work with you one-on-one to design automations for your firm, along with custom questionnaires to make them run.

  4. Download client documents. Whenever a client completes a questionnaire, the completed document will be immediately ready for you to download and incorporate into your typical office workflow.

Ready to Get Started? Call AccessioDocs Today!

If you are interested in adding legal document automation to your firm as a practice management alternative, then AccessioDocs is for you. Contact AccessioDocs today for more information on our document automation services built uniquely for law firms like yours. We provide custom solutions for attorneys in every area of the law. Our cost-effective process will help you grow your practice and make it more efficient without increasing your payroll expenses.

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