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Consider These 3 Tips To Scale Your Small to Mid-Size Law Firm

Whether you are a small or mid-size law firm and are looking to scale your business, there are several steps you can take to help scale your thriving practice to the next level. Consider these three tips to scale your law practice:

1. Technology is Your Friend: Leverage Technology to Your Advantage

If you’re taking a closer look at your law firm to determine how to manage a small law firm and how to scale it, make evaluating your law firm’s technology a top priority.

If your firm is becoming overworked, is under-resourced, and is unable to add staff, explore how the use of various types of technology, software, and services may help your firm.

Automating and streamlining standard and repetitive processes can create efficiencies and free up time that may allow you to focus on other important tasks such as growing your practice and dedicating more time to serving your clients. Your time is valuable and needs to be free to address more complex issues that sometimes only you can solve.

One important software to explore for your law firm is online billing software that can help prepare invoices and payments electronically.

By recording your time on cases through an online billing software or practice management software that integrates with an online accounting software, you can substantially decrease the time it takes you to prepare invoices each month and increase the expediency by when you get paid by clients.

Another example of a tech tool that you can incorporate into your law firm’s overall technology portfolio is the use of a document automation service that can help your firm with repetitive document preparation tasks such as preparing, managing, and executing standard legal documents.

AccessioDocs, a document automation service, provides custom solutions for attorneys in almost every area of the law with a cost-effective process that can help small firms grow their practice and make it more efficient without increasing their overall payroll expenses.

Automating routine, everyday tasks by instituting automated processes can save you and your firm hours of time that you can dedicate elsewhere. Also, automating document preparation processes can help you scale your firm by giving you the ability to handle more case work in an efficient and effective manner.

If you want to learn more about how to automate your document preparation process, AccessioDocs can help. Contact AccessioDocs today for more information on our document automation services built uniquely for law firms just like your small or mid-size firm.

2. SEO is the Way to Go: Prepare a Marketing Strategy that Incorporates Search Engine Optimization

If you are serious about scaling your law firm, you need to assemble a strong marketing team who can help you prepare a marketing strategy that is uniquely tailored for your firm.

You want to work with your marketing team to create a brand identity that showcases the image you want to portray for your firm. You also will want to work with your marketing team to develop and maintain a website that is “easy on the eye” and client friendly.

Creating a solid website that showcases your unique brand can help your ideal clients discover your law practice and display why your firm is what they need to meet their legal needs.

After you complete these initial steps and are ready to really scale your firm at the next level, you will want to become familiar with three very important letters: S - E - O.

SEO stands for search engine optimization. Work with your team to incorporate SEO strategies into your marketing plan to really boost your online rankings, and ultimately to bring in more clients.

3. Take Care of Your People: Train and Retain Good Staff

When you are thinking about how to manage a small law firm and scale it, training and keeping good staff is important.

Investing your time and effort into training and taking care of your staff will pay dividends in the long run.

Your staff will pay your good efforts forward by serving your clients well. Your happy customers may then refer additional clients your way, who will then refer more clients your way.

Ready to Really Scale Your Firm? Contact AccessioDocs Today for a Free Consultation.

If you are interested in learning more about some simple steps you can take to really scale your firm to the next level, contact AccessioDocs.

AccessioDocs is the alternative to the traditional practice management software for small firms that don't need all the bells and whistles of an expensive practice management software.

AccessioDocs is perfect for the small firm lawyer who doesn’t want to spend precious time learning a new system, training staff, transferring all of their data and client files to a new system, and switching billing systems, among other time consuming hassles. Call today for a free AccessioDocs consultation.

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