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Manage Your Family Law Firm with These Effective Software Tools

As our society continues to rapidly advance in technology, taking tasks at your firm that were once daunting, repetitive, and time consuming and automating them to be completed effectively, efficiently, and accurately, can help your family law firm flourish. Now is the time to evaluate your family law software and firm processes to determine whether it is time for a law firm technology update. If you have been wanting to update your law firm’s technology, consider these five tools to help make your family law firm up-to-date with the latest and greatest technology.

1. Case Management and Billing Software

An important tool for your family law firm is having a robust case management and billing software that can help you operate more effectively and efficiently. Finding a software that can help you manage and organize your cases, as well as to keep accurate time tracking and notes can help save you a significant amount of time. Software that allows you to keep track of your time as you go and automatically generate bills can save you hours of time each month when it comes time to prepare your invoices. Case management software can also help you be more accurate and organized when keeping track of your case work and time.

2. Document Automation Service

Sometimes tasks that are repetitive can be automated. For example, entering data into standard forms that you use can be automated using a service like AccessioDocs. This can help save you hours of time each month to use elsewhere. AccessioDocs is a service for busy lawyers that prepares documents using your own family law forms and a questionnaire that you complete. AccessioDocs can prepare your forms for you based on the information you enter into the questionnaire. The hours you save by automating your documents can help you focus on doing more billable work.

3. Legal Research Tools

An important part of every family law practice is having the ability to effectively and efficiently research the law. It is essential to have an electronic legal research tool at your fingertips to be able to research the law, including having remote access to the software from anywhere. There are a variety of different legal research tools available as you build your family law software portfolio, some of which are free or low cost.

4. E-Signature Software

Another important tech feature for your family law firm is having e-signature capabilities. Electronic signatures offer a more convenient way to gather signatures on documents and can help save on paper too. Although electronic signatures may not be an option in every situation, they are becoming a more acceptable option for signing legal documents in many situations. E-signature software tools even help automate the entire document signing process by continuing to move the document from signer to signer and automatically sending a fully executed copy of a document back to the parties signing the document. This can save a significant amount of administrative time in collecting signatures, archiving executed documents, and sending final signed copies to the parties involved.

5. Video Conferencing Capabilities

In today’s post COVID world, it is more important than ever to have flexible ways to communicate with clients, staff, and other business partners. Sometimes it is not always possible to meet in person, so having a video conferencing option at your firm is essential.

Additionally, many clients may even prefer to meet virtually for convenience instead of scheduling an in person meeting with their lawyer. Meeting virtually can save the client time having to travel to their lawyer’s office, find parking, wait for their appointment time, have the meeting, and then travel back from their appointment. Meeting virtually allows the client to join the meeting at the exact meeting time from any location. This can save hours of time for the client and help provide better customer service to your clients, keeping them happy.

Ready to Take the Next Steps to Update Your Firm’s Technology Needs? Contact AccessioDocs Today for a Consultation on Document Automation

If you are interested in taking the next step to update your family law firm’s technology portfolio, and want to learn more about how to automate your document preparation process as part of your family law firm’s processes, AccessioDocs can help. Contact AccessioDocs today for more information on our document automation services built uniquely for law firms just like yours. We provide custom solutions for attorneys in every area of the law. We have a cost-effective process that will help you grow your practice and make it more efficient without increasing your payroll expenses.

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